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Why Choose Notary Geek?

Notary Geek has a team of expertly trained notaries who have spent countless hours learning the ins-and-outs of remote online notarization, the mailbox vendors, the acceptable documents, and most importantly, the USPS 1583 form.

Notary Geek is the only notarization company that can claim the title World Wide Experts in USPS 1583. Our team has over 1000 successful 1583 notarization for signers in countries all around the world.

We have developed a quick and simple process to get your USPS 1583 notarized. We have developed an automated process to make the process easy. Our form wizard will make filling out the form quick, our ID verification process is secure and easy to use, you can get it done right away or schedule for a later date and time and we have perfected our notarial process. 


How Long does this take?
From start to finish this process should only take 15 minutes using our wizard.

What do I choose for address ID?
The types of address ID that are accepted are listed on the form, if you are unsure if your proof of address is one of the accepted documents, please choose other.

Does the address on my passport matter?
No. The United States does not put addresses on our passports therefore it does not matter in this process. The passport is for identification purposes only.

What types of identification are accepted for verification?
If you are within the United States: Any US state identification card or driver’s license OR US Passport.

If you are outside of the United States: US state identification or drivers license, OR US Passport OR Foreign Passport.

What if I do not have a passport and am an international signer?
If you do not have a passport and are a international signer please let us know. For an additional fee, we have a solution for you.

NOTE: To complete identification verification, you must have the original identification document (ex. Driver’s License) in hand. A photocopy or picture of the ID will be rejected.


What is the USPS 1583 Form?

The USPS 1583 form, titled “Application for Delivery of Mail Through Agent,” is used to authorize a commercial mail receiving agency (CMRA) to receive mail on behalf of an individual or business. It requires the applicant to provide identification and address information, and it must be notarized. This form ensures that the mail is handled securely and legally.

Why is it important that I have this form properly notarized?

Proper notarization of the USPS 1583 form is important because it:

1. Verifies Identity: Ensures that the person authorizing the mail receiving agency is who they claim to be, preventing identity theft and fraud.
2. Provides Legal Assurance: Adds a layer of legal credibility and accountability, making the authorization document more enforceable.
3. Prevents Fraud: Deters fraudulent use of mail services by requiring an official witness to the signing of the form.
4. Enhances Security: Strengthens the overall security of mail handling by involving a trusted third party in the verification process.

What is the process of notarizing a uSPS 1583?

Complete Form
Verify Identification
Complete the Notary Session