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Simplifying International Document Authentication: China’s Accession to the Apostille Convention

Why Notarization Is Important


On March 8, 2023, a significant development took place in the world of international document authentication when China formally submitted its documentation to accede to the Hague Convention Abolishing the Requirement of Legalization for Foreign Public Documents, commonly known as the Apostille Convention. This move by China holds the potential to streamline and simplify the process of legalizing documents for international use, benefitting individuals, businesses, and organizations involved in international trade, travel, and legal affairs.

The Apostille Convention: A Brief Overview

The Apostille Convention is an international treaty that aims to eliminate the cumbersome and time-consuming process of document legalization for foreign use. It achieves this by introducing a standardized certificate known as an Apostille, which is attached to public documents such as birth certificates, diplomas, and legal contracts. This Apostille certificate authenticates the document’s origin and validity, making it legally acceptable in countries that are party to the convention.

China Joins the Apostille Convention

China’s accession to the Apostille Convention signifies its commitment to simplifying the use of public documents abroad and expediting international trade. This historic decision will come into effect on November 7, 2023, marking a significant milestone in China’s efforts to facilitate international relations and cross-border transactions.

Key Points Regarding China’s Accession:

  1. Number of Contracting Parties: With China’s accession, the Apostille Convention now boasts 124 contracting parties worldwide, underlining its global relevance and importance.

  2. Competent Authority: China has designated the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as the Competent Authority responsible for issuing apostilles to documents originating within mainland China. This central authority ensures the uniformity and legitimacy of the Apostille process.

  3. Hong Kong and Macao: Importantly, the Apostille Convention will continue to apply in Hong Kong and Macao, reinforcing their status as special administrative regions with distinct legal systems.

  4. Sovereign Recognition: It’s worth noting that the Apostille Convention will not apply between the People’s Republic of China and Contracting States that China does not recognize as sovereign states. This is an important consideration for international stakeholders dealing with China.

Advocating for a Remote Online Notary Session

While China’s accession to the Apostille Convention is a significant step forward, individuals and businesses may still face challenges in obtaining apostilles for their documents. This is where the concept of a remote online notary session can play a pivotal role.

At Notary Geek, we are dedicated to simplifying the apostille process for you. We offer comprehensive support, including guidance on document preparation, notarization services conducted remotely, and assistance with the entire apostille application process. Our goal is to ensure that your documents are swiftly and accurately apostilled, saving you time and effort.


China’s decision to join the Apostille Convention reflects its commitment to enhancing the ease of international document use and fostering international trade relations. This development presents exciting opportunities for individuals and businesses engaged in cross-border activities.

To navigate this new era of simplified document authentication, consider partnering with Notary Geek for a seamless and efficient apostille experience. We look forward to assisting you in unlocking the full potential of this historic development.


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