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Image depicting wet ink notarization

What is Remote Wet Ink Notarization?

Remote Wet Ink Notarization, also called Remote Ink Notarization or RIN, is a hybrid solution that incorporates aspects of Remote Online Notarization (RON) and traditional wet ink “rubber stamping” notarization. The traditional aspect of RIN is that the document is signed and stamped on a tangible piece of paper.  The RON aspect is that the notary does the notarial session on a audio-video platform which is a similar process to doing a call on Zoom, to verify your signature and complete the notarial act. 

What is the process for remote wet ink notarization?

Contact Us
The first step is to contact us. All you need to do is click the icon above this text and you will be contacted by one of our team of notaries.
Verify Your Identity
Once we have connected with you, you will be asked to verify your identification via our secure identification verification system.
SIgn Your Document
Once you have been verified, you will be asked to sign the document and mail the document to notary.
Complete the Notarial Session
Once our notary receives the document they will schedule a date and time with you to complete the notarial session. This will require that you have a device with a front-facing camera, a microphone and a speaker. During the session, you will acknowledge your signature on the document, the notary will sign and stamp the document during the video session.
Receive Document Back
Once the session is complete the notary will mail back your document to you or to whomever you request the document be mailed to.