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Notary Geek web hosting now includes Elementor Pro Licenses

Why Notarization Is Important


Notary Geek, a GoodWare LLC Brand, Now Offers Free Elementor Pro Licenses and Powerful Website Enhancements

Clearwater, Florida – October 28, 2023 – Notary Geek, a subsidiary of GoodWare LLC, and a prominent full-service notary firm and IT consulting firm, is delighted to announce an exciting expansion of its web hosting services. Currently ranked as the 4th top-rated web hosting service in the world by Trustpilot, Notary Geek continues to elevate the web hosting experience for its clients.

In addition to providing free Elementor Pro licenses to all of its web hosting customers, Notary Geek has bolstered its hosting stack with a range of powerful website enhancements. These enhancements include seamless integration with Calendly, Jotform, and Trustindex, as well as cutting-edge tools for building Google reviews. Notary Geek also offers robust lead capture capabilities and email drip campaigns to help customers maximize their online presence and engagement.

“Notary Geek is excited to offer not only free Elementor Pro licenses but also a comprehensive suite of website enhancements to our valued web hosting customers. Our goal is to provide them with the tools and support they need to succeed online,” said Greg Lirette, Lead Geek at Notary Geek, who brings over 25 years of IT experience to the team, including more than 10 years directly at Microsoft.

Notary Geek’s dedication to innovation and excellence has always set them apart in the notary industry. They are proud to offer an extensive selection of over 100 available domain names, each ready to have a website deployed to them. These domain names are meticulously maintained and are not blacklisted, ensuring a seamless website deployment process.

With a growing portfolio of ready-to-use domain names, Notary Geek offers flexible hosting options, including annual plans and convenient monthly payment options.

One of the standout features of Notary Geek’s hosting service is the inclusion of Elementor Pro, a versatile website builder that empowers users to create stunning and highly customizable websites with ease. Alongside this powerful tool, Notary Geek offers Calendly integration, making it effortless for customers to schedule appointments and consultations.

To further enhance customer interactions, Notary Geek has integrated Jotform, a user-friendly form builder that simplifies the process of collecting information and feedback. Trustindex integration helps clients build their Google review presence, boosting online credibility and reputation.

Moreover, Notary Geek offers a suite of lead capture tools and email drip campaigns designed to help businesses connect with their audience and generate valuable leads. These features are ideal for businesses looking to streamline their marketing efforts and drive growth.

Notary Geek invites businesses and individuals to experience the benefits of their enhanced web hosting services. Whether you’re looking to create a website, schedule appointments, gather information, build Google reviews, or supercharge your lead generation efforts, Notary Geek has you covered.

To learn more about Notary Geek’s web hosting services and powerful website enhancements or to inquire about their notary services, please visit https://NotaryGeek.net or contact:

Greg Lirette
Phone: (727) 303-6569
Email: [email protected]

About Notary Geek:
Notary Geek is a brand of GoodWare LLC, a leading full-service notary and IT consulting firm. With a commitment to excellence and innovation, Notary Geek offers top-rated web hosting services, a growing portfolio of ready-to-use domain names, and a mission to empower businesses and individuals to create and manage outstanding online presences.

Media Contact:
Email: [email protected]


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