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Navigating the World of Notary Platforms: My Journey and Questions

As many of you may know, I’ve been an advocate for notary platforms like BlueNotary and Pactima in the past. I’ve even used domain names to redirect people to their sign-up pages for referral credits. However, I want to be transparent and share that, so far, I’ve seen little return on my investments in these domain names, despite numerous people using my referral links.

I find myself at a crossroads, pondering a question that frequently arises in this community: Which notary platform should I choose? Currently, I’m using Pactima, and my sign-up link is RONwithGreg dot com. I’m leaning towards sticking with them because my per-session fee remains under $10 in total.

In the past, I also utilized BlueNotary, primarily attracted by their $3 session fee, the $27 monthly cost, and their vibrant Facebook discussion group. However, for more complex sessions involving multiple signers, Pactima has proven to be the better choice.

The real conundrum lies in deciding which platform is the most cost-effective and reliable for simple single-signer documents. While BlueNotary may be cost-effective for high-volume single signings, it has its share of issues, including problems with their development team and communication.

Recently, I had an enlightening conversation with The Notary Ninja, who shared his billing experience with BlueNotary in a YouTube video. You can watch it here.

Following our conversation, Mark, The Notary Ninja, extended an invitation for me to be a guest on the Notary Ninja Podcast, an opportunity I’m eagerly looking forward to.

As Mark and I engaged in various discussions, his comments led me to dig deeper into BlueNotary’s reputation, particularly on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) page, where I discovered an F rating. It’s worth noting that Mark, who was once a BlueNotary customer and even recommended their services in his book, has since changed his stance.

What truly astonishes me about BlueNotary is their lack of customer service. In reality, the best support you can hope for comes from the user community. When you encounter a bug, the common response is that the development team is working on it. However, it often turns out to be a developer in India who struggles with communication and prefers to fix the code without thorough testing.

For instance, when they introduced browser notifications, I initially believed it was an unreleased feature. It took weeks for them to address the issue after I contacted support. Unfortunately, during the troubleshooting process, they managed to mess up my account, and it remains unresolved to this day. Essentially, there’s no real support system in place.

What baffles me even more is that some members of this group blindly endorse BlueNotary, claiming it’s both the cheapest option and offers the best support. But how can one make such claims without exploring other platforms? Personally, I’ve tested around 20 platforms, including some not approved in my state, and I’m approved on nine of them.

It’s important to consider that BlueNotary’s supposed superior support is contested by platforms like Pactima, which I believe is partly or wholly owned by Moktar, a key developer. I’ve experienced quick responses, often within five minutes, from Pactima’s support team. Even when I encountered bugs after a recent code update, they not only resolved the issues but also provided detailed explanations of why they occurred and how they were fixed.

Declaring one platform as the best without exploring alternatives is misleading. It’s why I’m turning to you for recommendations. I genuinely want to know which other platforms you would currently recommend to someone in this group because I’m eager to explore other options myself.

But there’s another crucial aspect to consider when it comes to BlueNotary. They offer free training on YouTube, and it’s also included in a paid MasterClass. However, it’s essential to note that the trainer, who is based in Florida, has a history of teaching notarization incorrectly. In fact, if you followed her previous guidance before receiving one-on-one feedback, some of her errors could be counted against you on platforms like Notarize.

This highlights the importance of scrutinizing training resources and being open to feedback and improvement. It also brings up a broader concern about blindly supporting a platform simply because it’s what you’re accustomed to.

What further surprises me is the reaction I received when I pointed out inaccuracies in the BlueNotary training. Instead of seeking clarification or details, some people responded by calling me a liar. This incident emphasizes the importance of open and informed discussions in our community.

In conclusion, I invite you to share your suggestions and experiences. Let’s have an honest and constructive conversation about notary platforms and training resources. Your insights will not only benefit me but also our entire community as we strive to make informed decisions in our notary journeys.


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